Illuminate your desktop with this stylish adjustable desk lamp!

With its inspiring designs and unique features. Cogylight LED desk lamp can fulfill any lighting needs at your place.

Cogylight LED desk lamp is specialized in its functional circular head design. While existing bar-type desk lamps spread the lights, the circular head design is effective to gather the light. It helps you concentrate on the work reducing your eyestrain by gathering the light and minimazing shadows of the object. It is a functional circular design desk lamp that eye protection is top priority.

Cogylight LED desk lamp is equipped with Samsung’s high-brightness LED and LG Chemical’s LUMIPLAS diffusing filter, both of which aim to protect vision, recognized by customers across the globe. Taking humans and natural environment into consideration. Cogylight LED desk lamp promotes eco-friendly lifestyle based on the advanced technology produced in Korea.


● Samsung high-brightness LED

● LG Chemical’s LUMIPLAS diffusing filter

● Angle & Brightness adjustment

● Touch-Sensitive Control Panel

● 30 min & 60 min Auto Timer

● Mosquito repelling function

● Eco-friendly LED

● Eye care

● Dimmable

● Memory function

● USB charging port

● Built-in rechargeable Li-Ion Battery